Our story

A dream come true...

Jennifer and Jeremy Holmes were strolling through the cobblestone streets of San Gimignano, Italy when it started to rain. The light summer rain quickly turned into a thunderstorm and they desperately searched for refuge.

Greta, an old Italian widow saw the couple and ushered them into her home. Unable to have children of her own, Greta longed to share her authentic Italian pizza recipes so her legacy would live on. Jennifer and Jeremy spent months in Greta’s company, learning all her techniques so they could one day open a pizza restaurant of their own.

And all of that is a load of BS.

What really happened...

Annoyingly healthy eaters, Jennifer and Jeremy had one day a week when they’d eat their favorite food: pizza.

So when they found out their favorite pizza place was going out of business, they did the only thing two rational real estate agents could do…

They pushed pause on their current endeavors, spent thousands of hours developing original mouth-watering pizza recipes, brainstormed slightly inappropriate names, added a touch of paint here and there, and opened for business just a few months later.

And thank heavens they did, because Ogden was hungry AF.